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Our Mission:

To empower churches as communities of reconciliation; places where we can participate in bringing peace, dignity, and a hope for the future to children and their families.

We appreciate your interest in becoming a foster family. The children we serve have experienced abuse, neglect, and the trauma of being removed from their homes. Our hope is to be a healing presence, to both give them the care they need now, as well as committing to helping them find their path, their future. As a foster or support family, you will play a critical role in the lives of the children you encounter – we pray we might also be a blessing to the child’s family.

We believe fostering is an essential embodiment of the gospel. It is a mission to vulnerable children, broken families, and holistically to our communities. Our hope is to promote a movement within the church to break down cycles of despair and point the eyes of those in our area towards the one who, even out of brokenness, creates all things new.

Some Common Questions

Who are eligible foster parents?

To be an eligible foster family, there are a few baseline requirements we look for in a couple.


  • Applicants must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Applicants must be in a stable marriage relationship.
  • Finally, we ask that families count the cost of foster care and display the ability to care for the child’s needs without relying solely on government financial assistance.


After filling out an application we will ask you for additional information – our desire is help you discern your fit in this ministry!

How do we become foster parents?

The pathway to becoming a foster family can seem mysterious and drawn out, but you can think of foster care at Southern Christian as having three basic steps.

  1. The first step is filling out an application and submitting it to our foster care team.
  2. Next, the team will conduct a SAFE Home Study to get to know more about you and your desire to be a foster family.
  3. After completing the Home Study, families receive resource training using PRIDE materials to prepare them for their mission.

If you would like to know more about the steps to becoming a foster family, click here.

How long does it take to become foster parents?

The process of the Home Study and PRIDE training is flexible to the schedule and availability of our potential families. However, a good estimate is anywhere from six to nine weeks. After completing training, your home will be considered “open”, and will begin to be considered for children.

What is a support family?

A support family is most often a member of a local congregation who has it on their hearts to be a part of the ministry of foster care. Their role, however, is to support those families who are fostering children in whatever way they can: whether it means being dedicated to prayer for that family, providing meals or transportation, or even offering babysitting and respite support.

How do we become a support family?

First, we hope you are able to consider the needs of any foster families you know in your own community or congregation – ask and see if you can find out what needs the families that you know have as they work in this important mission field. Using our support family application, Southern Christian will connect you with a foster family in your area to come along side. If you wish to be considered for giving respite care support, we ask that you indicate your desire to do so on your application.

What should a support family do?

There are many ways that a support family can enrich the care provided by foster families. Some of the most common ways are to act as a mentor for specific children: to be that special friend in the life of a child. At other times, fulfilling the needs of the family can be a vital support: mowing the lawn while the family is at court, providing transportation for appointments, or making freezer meals to free time for a family to invest deeply in their children. Because of the variety of needs, Southern Christian encourages you to contact our foster care team and to be available to the families in your community!

Mail application to:
Southern Christian Home
Attn: Foster Care
P.O. Box 649
Morrilton, AR 72110

Send application by email to, or fax to (501)-354-2429.

Residential Care

Since 1926, the Home has been a mission work of the churches of Christ. Serving at-risk children, we provide tools for success, and a safe, loving, family home environment. Family style homes are staffed by loving houseparents who provide our children with a spiritual example.

Our children in care come through private placement or state agencies. Currently, we have homes for boys, girls, sibling groups, and an independent living style home that assists high school seniors with their transition to adulthood.

We provide invaluable experiences for our residents, including:

    • Loving family environment, involvement in church youth activities, and summer camps.
    • Therapeutic care including counseling services, Equine Assisted Learning, and Outdoor Adventure.
    • Educational guidance with tutoring.
    • Activities ranging from ice skating, go-karts, trips to museums, and sporting events.


Or call our office at (501)-354-2428 with more immediate needs.

If you have a child who could use Southern Christian Home’s caring, uplifting environment, please download the resident application, provide us your information, and submit your application.

Mail Application To:

Southern Christian Home
Attn: Social Services
P.O. Box 649
Morrilton, AR 72110

Email Application To:

Fax Application To: 501-354-2429 (Attn: Social Services)